Sing Your Name™ offers the widest range of personalised children's products unlike any other company in the world. From our best-selling personalised Barney and Care Bears music CDs, interactive Kids Story Books, Alarm clocks and Plush Toys, to our range of personalised DVDs that will actually place a picture of the child in a DVD story, we have something for every child.


For simpler tastes, Sing Your Name offers a full line of personalised paper products including personalised name poems and posters. No other company provides such a wide selection along with the largest database of names in the world.

Our personalised products will spark your child's imagination, and at the same time help them to learn their ABC's, 123's and other important lessons. Most importantly our products can help kids build self-esteem and create name recognition as their names are heard many times in every song or within each story. Your child will love you for giving them such a unique gift! All of our products will be keepsakes for years to come. Please come back and visit our site often, you will be amazed at all the new product releases we have lined up!

At Sing Your NameTM, personalised kids products are all we do!

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